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This whole initiative, Ascending Shadows, is an Adventure Log of sentimental value. It is a journal to record, commemorate, share with others and get back to the story whenever the need for DM or the players arise.


As for the RPG, it is the very first time for almost all of my players and they had no other contact with D&D beforehand. Nonetheless, from the very first session, they dived into role play and we have spent many pleasant evenings with each other.

This adventure log is being created with a delay, although the story still continues and is pushing forward. Since it was their first game, we have started with Lost Mines of Phandelver, by Wizards of the Coast, and that is what many adventure log entries will be about, so I do warn you about spoilers if you are a player who intends to play this adventure. Otherwise, you may find here some inspiration or just enjoy the reading.

My players created their own characters and personal stories they came up with have been implemented into the story, as well as a number of my personal, bigger or smaller twists here and there. As their journey progresses they appear throughout the story, hinting at what might come their way in the future.

​Yes, the whole point of this campaign is to reach far beyond the Lost Mines, which serve as a starter, and then the story expands into other parts of Northern parts of Faerun, my favourite place of all being Sword Coast line and Savage Frontier.


At the time when we have started the campaign, I’ve decided to set the time of action to 1480 DR, the Year of Drifting Water, as the paragraph about destruction of Thundertree mentions that it took place some thirty years ago, and said event took place in 1451DR according to the lore. In addition, one of the characters have special ties to the village before it’s destruction, and that year(1480 DR) seems to be a good opening into one of most interesting times in the realm.

We have couple of house rules, some of them include:
- potions as bonus action, unless you pour the into someone’s else mouth;
- flanking provides with +1 to hit;
- natural failure and success on ability checks;
- harsher resurrection rules as introduced by Matthew Mercer in Critical Role;
As well as other fantastic home-brew rules thanks to other creative people introducing more variety and balance into hunting, gathering resources, pricing and items availability.

If you are still around, thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed/will enjoy your time here.

The adventure log begins here.

Read more about Characters and the Lore of the adventure.

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Ascending Shadows

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